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About Evterpe

Evterpe - Stockholm, was formed in 1998. (Evterpe was orignally formed in Gothenburg in 1992 where it no longer exists) is a nonprofit organization whose goal is equalityin the Swedish music scene.

Evterpe aims to create a more attractive climate for music composers, musicans, educators, researchers, journalists and listeners.

Evterpe´s fundamental goal is to support women working within a male characterized culture.

Evterpe orgaizes conserts, seminars, lectures, workshops and theme days in Stockholm and the surrounding region.

Evterpe works as a network and forum for exchange of experience and knowledge of women in the music scene.

Eccept for this page the rest of the webpages are written in Swedish.

Hopefully, our pictures and programs on our webpages will give some information about our activities.

For contacts and more information, pls contact Evterpe via


President: Christina Falk,

Cashier: Suzanne Persson,

Board member: Kristine Nowlain,

Board member: Svante Höge,

Board member: Torsten Karlsson,